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COVID-19 Procedures and Protocols

*Please do not come if you or anyone close to you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. Email us if any exposures occur and keep us informed of the test result.*

Day Before the Course / During the Course

COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire

Are you experiencing ANY of the following:

  • Severe difficulty breathing (e.g. struggling to breathe or speaking in single words)

  • Severe chest pain

  • Having a hard time waking up

  • Feeling confused

  • Losing consciousness

Are you experiencing ANY of the following:

  • Mild to moderate shortness of breath

  • Inability to lie down because of difficulty breathing

  • Chronic health conditions that you are having difficulty managing because of difficulty breathing

Are you experiencing cold, flu or COVID-19-like symptoms, even mild ones? Symptoms include:

  • Fever

  • Chills

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath

  • Sore throat and painful swallowing

  • Stuffy or runny nose

  • Loss of sense of smell

  • Headache

  • Muscle aches

  • Fatigue

  • Loss of appetite

  • Loss of smell

Have you traveled outside of British Columbia in the last 14 days?

Have you had close contact with ANYONE who would have answered YES to any of the above questions within the last 14 days? This includes health care workers who may be in contact with COVID-19 patients.

COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire — Consents

Accuracy of Information

  • I certify that I have answered the above questions truthfully, to the best of my knowledge

COVID-19 risk factor

  • I understand that the Emergency Services Institute of Canada Society and its Instructors are following all the applicable guidelines as outlined by the PHO and CDC, however, there are still unknown aspects to the SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. I agree to hold harmless the Emergency Services Institute of Canada Society and my Instructors for any possible exposure that may occur as a result of this training course.

Mandatory mask usage

  • I am aware that it is required of me to wear a mask while attending the course. I am able to bring my own. If I forget to bring one or I do not have one I will purchase one from the Safety Supervisor for $1.50.

Hand Hygiene

  • I will wash my hands or use hand-sanitizer immediately after arriving at the classroom and when I move between classrooms. If at any time I feel that my hands may have become contaminated, I will clean my hands using hand sanitizer.

Physical distancing

  • While I understand it is impossible to maintain physical distancing while participating in the training course, I will do my best to maintain an appropriate distance from others while not wearing a mask.


  • While students are waiting to enter the classroom to check in they must social distance at a distance of 2 metres.

  • While waiting to enter the classroom, the student will have their temperature taken and any students with an elevated (>37C) will be referred to one of the Instructors or the Safety Supervisor for further evaluation. A student with an elevated temperature will not enter the classroom.

  • Students will be asked if they feel ill or have any of the COVID-19 related symptoms: cough, fever, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath or loss of taste or smell. Students who answer yes to any of those questions will be referred to an Instructor or the Safety Supervisor for further evaluation.

  • Before entering the classroom, students will wipe down the exterior of all handbags and backpacks.

  • Before students and staff can enter the classroom, they must wash their hands and don a mask.

  • Once the student has checked the roster for the correct spelling of their name and confirms that they have provided a correct and unique email, the student must proceed directly to their seat.

  • Once a student is seated, they may be issued a COVID-19 Questionnaire and they must immediately complete it. Once completed, the questionnaires will be collected by an Instructor or Assistant who will be wearing gloves. The questionnaires will be placed in a file folder or large manila envelope to be reviewed by the Safety Supervisor.

  • Once a student has completed the COVID-19 questionnaire, they will be issued a textbook.

Classroom procedures

  • Student will remain 2 metres apart in line with the concept of social distancing. If it is not possible to maintain a 2 metre buffer, students will don a mask.

  • When moving between classrooms, students will wash their hands for 20 to 30 seconds, place their hands in a sanitizing solution and then dry them with a paper towel. When finished the paper towel will be placed in the nearest garbage receptacle.

  • Should a student feel that their hands have become contaminated at any point in the instructional process, they will immediately wash their hands or clean their hands with hand sanitizer.

  • Students will avoid putting their hands in the vicinity of their face. A paper towel will serve as a buffer between the hands and the face should it become necessary to scratch or itch.

  • All teaching aids or props will immediately be cleaned after use using the appropriate cleaning solution or towelette.

  • Students will be issued a mannequin for CPR practice. They will label both the bag and the mannequin before use using a piece of Transpore tape and a pen. Students will not share mannequins during CPR practice with the exception of 2 operator CPR with a Bag, Valve, Mask. Where there is no respiratory risk of contamination.

  • Once a student has finished using a mannequin, the student will immediately wipe down the face, mouth and chest plate with an appropriate cleaning and disinfecting solution. Mannequins will not be returned to their storage case until those three areas are thoroughly dry.

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