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How do I register for a course?

  1. Read the ESIC policies & procedures.

  2. Choose which course you wish to enroll in.

  3. Sign up by completing the ESIC registration form (This will be your ESIC profile).

  4. Proceed to payment.

  5. Check your email for the registration confirmation and reply back.

  6. Wait for a Welcome email 2 weeks prior to the start of the course. If a course is cancelled, a notification will be sent 2 weeks prior to the start of the course.

How long does my certification last?

Certifications are valid for three years, starting on the last day of your first aid course. Proof of certification card will show up on your Canadian Red Cross profile.

Where do I find my certificate?

Your certification can be found on your Canadian Red Cross (CRC) account under 'My Certifications'. If this is your first time taking a CRC course then CRC will automatically set up an online profile using your email that you provided us upon registering and they will send you an email to complete your profile.

Are recertification courses discounted?

Recertification courses are offered at a reduced fee with proof of valid certification. Recertification provides an additional certification of three years.

Are the portables wheelchair accessible? I have a learning disability when I take written exams, is there an alternative exam I can do?

Unfortunately the portable does not have wheelchair access, there are stairs leading up to the door.

If participants have a demonstrated learning disability completing written exams, please notify the instructors on the first day of class so we can make the necessary adjustments to accommodate your learning.

Can I register my child in a course? Can I use the same email for both my children?

We are open to all ages. Our main population is aimed at youth who are interested in SFA and First Responders. The email address submitted must be unique and cannot be shared by family members. The Canadian Red Cross (CRC) uses your email address to establish an online profile.

What are the payment options?


Credit/Debit via Paypal: We accept credit/debit via Paypal; you do not need a Paypal account.

Please note registration forms and course fees must be processed in order to complete registration and reserve a seat in a particular course. Seats are limited for each course and is on a first-come first-serve basis; we do not hold waiting lists.

11 Evaluaton

How are evaluations done?

Evaluations will be done throughout the course. Participants must demonstrate that they are comfortable with the course material and must obtain a minimum mark of 75% on a written exam to complete certification. If applicable, participants must also successfully complete a practical scenario exam.

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